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Baltic Sea History Project

In the Baltic Sea region, people have been looking for a common historical identity since the fall of the Iron Curtain: Many towns share the Hanseatic heritage, Gothic architecture, and Protestant culture. But there is more to Baltic Sea history than that: a variety of languages, cultural diversity, and also centuries of warfare and conflicts.

The Baltic Sea History Project intends

to raise the awareness that there is not only one perspective on historical events, but multiple perspectives, which have to be exchanged on a basis of mutual understanding and respect

to overcome nationally confined perceptions of the history of the Baltic Sea region by promoting transnational discussions

to foster dialogues not only of experts, but also of larger groups as students, teachers etc. in concrete projects as summer schools or workshops on transnational history

to develop a new approach to mutual transnational understanding with new media as an interactive process


A learning concept for adults will be developed from 2017 to 2019. Part of it is a guideline „Writing history multiperspectively“, an online tutorial, an online platform and learning material.

Why Baltic Sea History?

Read about the Intentions of the Baltic Sea History Project.

The Baltic Sea History Project is an initiative of 11 Partners from all around the Baltic Sea.

European support is the financial basis for the Baltic Sea History Project.

The Baltic Sea History Project runs from September 2017 to August 2019.